In 2147 AD, the ideal man is created:

He is a sentient android, programmed for conversation, chess, handyman tasks and pleasure.

Sci-fi aficionados of long antiquity will remember Data,  of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame

In the era of television dominance–

1987 through 1994, the series, then several feature films into the early 21st century.

Holodecks were fantasy amusement parks

Where any creature desired could be fashioned by setting verbal parameters.

But in that bygone era, such things were mere dreams, perhaps wet ones. 

To coddle our egos, Data was made to covet humanity’s essence, though he was far above us

In ability and superiority, strength, endurance, intelligence, longevity, indeed immortality!

Without viruses or any fallibility. Our dream was real on a TV screen. 


But we have progressed far beyond the distant past.

In 2147, we program DNA into our preformed male and female androids according to a menu of physical

and mental characteristics. We can digitize a photo of a loved one and add DNA by a hair follicle, sloughed off skin,

Saliva, blood, bodily fluids, a nail, inside the cheek…and voila!

Your object of desire is real, with the same fluids, emotions, reactions as you have programmed him.

So you can have eternal happiness as you program your own mandroid clone at a young age

As you age out to your own obsolescence.

Twilight Zone, January 1964: “Number 12 Looks Just Like You.” 

Just another historical reference by a visionary of the past: Rod Serling. He would understand this reality. 

Nuclear war was a present threat in his epoch. 


But mankind survived to this time by learning from the past errors of many countries and many despots.